A warm Mediterranean island, where old-world charm meets a contemporary lifestyle surrounded by a rare sense of freedom and security.

The Mediterranean island of Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands. In the past, it was the centre of Minoan civilization (2700–1420 BC), which is regarded as the earliest recorded civilization in Europe.

Today, its charm and appeal derive from its diversity. As an island in the Mediterranean, it puts the glittering sea within reach. The 1.000km coastline dotted with numerous bays, beaches and peninsulas add a dimension of holiday recreation to everyday life.

History and tradition accompany poetry and music alongside culinary delights and seasonal festivities. Indeed, life in Crete is as rich as it is inspiring, as exciting as it is relaxing. Above all, the island offers a level of security that is rare in other European destinations.

Visit Create once, experience its wonders, enjoy your stay… and you will realize why so many expatriates seek this island, either for regular holidays or to establish a second home, a genuine escape.

• Secure environment linked to low crime rate
• High standard of living and modern infrastructure
• Low population density and comfortable lifestyle
• Exceptional and accessible natural landscape
• Fascinating ancient and modern history