Theseus beach village owns the 165.000 square metres peninsula boldly projecting into the Mediterranean, on which only 40.000 square metres will be developed, leaving the rest as natural common grounds.

The project will comprise of some 350 properties of varying sizes and designs all offering breath taking sea views and grouped in 28 small neighborhoods. 122 properties have already been completed and sold whilst 24 are available for sale.

In the meantime, under the careful eye of our on site architects, development continues. We already have edited the permits to build four building blocks, Oenopion neighbourhood (OT 19), Dias neighborhood (OT 25), Europe neighborhood (OT 26) and Minoas neighborhood (OT 31).

Also, we can build tailor made villas in several building blocks, such as Staphylus neighborhood (OT 18), Icarus neighborhood (OT 27) and Daedalus neighborhood (OT 28).